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    L2: Big Ass Characters

    Are your characters wack? Maybe you want to break out of the mundane talking heads you usually play. In L2: Big Ass Characters with veteran instructor Shacottha Fields, let’s play obnoxious, straight-talking, badass human beings. Learn to play using variety and bigness while still maintaining the integrity of your characters. Let’s play some characters that …

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    L2: The Improvised Movie

    L2: The Improvised Movie: Do you love FILM? Do you love IMPROV COMEDY? Have you ever wondered how to use the tools of improv to create a full movie for an audience using nothing but your imagination? If you have thought these things, you are an IMPROV NERD and you would be absolutely perfect for …

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LEVEL Rubbish Comedy’s class leveling system provides students comedic education in an environment that enables artistic exploration and growth.

Students with no previous comedy experience should begin with L1.

Those with training elsewhere can contact Rubbish Comedy for placement: 

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