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    L1: Intro Intensive (Sat. 2/12 & Sun. 2/13)

    Buckle up, buttercup…it’s going to be a wild weekend! Students will spend two days having an incredible time playing together and learning to be creative, supportive, and funny improv performers! On Saturday, Feb. 12 (10 am – 4:30 pm with 30 minutes for lunch), students will explore long-form improvisation concepts like “Yes, And,” develop their …

    L1: Intro Intensive (Sat. 2/12 & Sun. 2/13) Read More »

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    L2: Scenework Drop-in (Jan 22)

    Scenework makes the dream work! Not new to improv? Perfect! Join Zack or Xave in this weekly drop-in class where each session we’ll work out a different improv muscle in our jacked improv bodies. Characters, Game, Base Reality, Emotional Commitment, Bits, Goofs, Yuks, and good ol’ fashioned “Yes, And.” We’ll have guest players and teachers drop by, so …

    L2: Scenework Drop-in (Jan 22) Read More »

LEVEL Rubbish Comedy’s class leveling system provides students comedic education in an environment that enables artistic exploration and growth.

Students with no previous comedy experience should begin with L1.

Those with training elsewhere can contact Rubbish Comedy for placement: 

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