Melissa Ulloa

Melissa Ulloa (She/Her) is an improv performer, actor, and teacher with Rubbish Comedy who first started doing improv in Palm Beach Community College in 2007. She loved it, but then kind of stopped doing it when she went to a fancy schmancy drama school in London, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where she got her BA in Acting [Collaborative & Devised Theatre] in 2013. (That’s right I put the ‘r’ before the ‘e’ in “theatRE.” Deal with it!)

While she loved and learned so much from her super serious actor training she just couldn’t stop her love affair with improvised comedy. She has since studied at iO, UCB & Magnet and performs regularly throughout the city of New York. She’s currently on an all Latinx indie team of improv performers called CHUCHO and on the Magnet house team Big Whoop! She also loves coaching teams and teaching improv and has taught improv at various schools in NYC (Armory/Greenhouse, The Magnet) and has created/conducted a vocal workshop for improvisers called ‘Use Your Voice!’ AMA.

Melissa loves her life a lot and this is about as much as Melissa can bear to write about herself without feeling sick. She does not like writing bios but must confront this weird aversion. Thanks for reading! Melissa is gonna go throw up now.

Photo credit Catherine Dyer  

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